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Method Acting

by | 16th, February 2004

‘NO sooner has the St Valentine’s Day balloon begun to deflate and the heart-shaped Teddy come apart at the seams than love is put under renewed strain.

The new face of Polyfilla

The Sun tells us that all is not well with Liz Hurley and her millionaire lover, Arun Nayer.

Watching a preview of Liz’s latest movie, The Method, Nayer was shocked to see his Liz engaging in a sexual act with a co-star.

An unnamed source says how Nayer became agitated and jumped to his feet. “Liz begged him to stay. She said, ‘Calm down, Arun, please, it’s only acting. It’s not real, it’s my job’.”

Liz, of course, is doing herself down. In her hands, acting is more than a mere job – it is a calling.

And who can truly blame Nayer for failing to spot the join where acting and reality meet when the star beneath the limelight is dear Liz?

Not we, and if anyone still doubts Hurley’s star credentials, they should look to the Mail and its story about how England’s rose performed on set.

The Method’s British director Duncan Roy has, in the Mail’s opinion, broken with protocol and spilled the beans on his film’s star.

“Liz seems to have the impression that she is a great actress,” says Roy. “She totally believes she is someone special. She is not.”

And there is more. Roy passes comment on the famed Hurley beauty, saying how watching her “using a spatula to trowel in thick globs of foundation on her old acne marks” tarnished her allure.

He also claims that the star’s use of Botox has left her looking “stiff”, like a very wooden tree, or, for that matter, her co-star.’

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