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Quack! Quack!

by | 16th, February 2004

‘WHEN PT Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute, he was talking at a time when the world’s population was much smaller than it is today.

Brad also has a big watch

By Anorak’s quasi-scientific reckoning (otherwise known as pure guesswork), we calculate that a sucker is now born every 4.56 seconds.

And most of them have in their possession a copy of Suzi Malin’s book Love At First Sight – a book which ascribes the mystery of what draws two people together to their respective facial features.

[Instead, may we modestly recommend our own scribblings on the subject, which prefers a more controversial explanation, namely that it is alcohol, lust and – in the case of celebrities – PR companies that draw two people together?]

Certainly OK! has a copy of Suzi’s book on its shelves (under Q for Quack) which it dusts off this week and asks the author herself to cast her expert eye over six couples.

We learn that Day-vid and Victoria are a fantastic Echoist example, that Madonna and Guy have Echoism and Harmonism, that Justin and Cameron have Echoism as well as Prima Copulism and that Brad has a beard and Jennifer doesn’t.

Fantastic stuff!’

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