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This Bulldog Breed

by | 17th, February 2004

‘IT cannot have escaped your notice that there are thousands of bedraggled children wandering up and down the grass verges beside our motorways.

‘Last one to the car’s a poodle’

It’s the ugly open secret of modern Britain that unwanted children are being pushed out of slowly moving vehicles onto the motorway’s hard shoulder by families who no longer need or want them.

Many “parents” laboured under the impression that owning a child would raise their celebrity status and improve their conversation. How wrong they were!

As such, children are losing their popularity, and are being replaced by cats and dogs, which can serve you equally well in the celebrity stakes.

And what’s more, a survey by the Norwich Union, reproduced in the Mail, has noted the emergence of new child-pet hybrid.

While children are often named after pets (Oscar, Kitty, Rex), cats and dogs are taking the names of humans.

Reading down the list of the top ten names for dogs, we note Molly, Max, Charlie, Holly, Jack, Ben, Jake, Rosie, Buster and Meg.

Max, Molly and Charlie are also among the ten most popular names for cats, adding to the feline-human mix of Chloes, Sophies and Harrys.

Surprisingly, Tiddles still tops the list of cats names, but when asked, many of them prefer to be known as Kerry, Jordan and Peter.’

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