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by | 19th, February 2004

‘MOBILE phones are still too new for a proper etiquette to have developed. Switch them off when you are in a concert hall, theatre or cinema. Don’t take calls during sex or meals. That’s about it.

The smell of loneliness

Of course this leaves a lot of grey areas. For instance, some people – not Anorak readers, we hasten to add – have been known to take calls in the nude, or even while using the toilet.

The videophone has already created new dilemmas for such people, but the latest development will strike fear into anyone who has ever received a call from a strangely echoing voice.

The Times reports that Telewest is running trials on new technology that allows people to “aromatise their communications”. Up to 2,000 scents could be available for use in email communications.

“This could bring an extra whiff of realism,” says Telewest’s Chad Raube.

And cause an unpleasant fishy stink in teenagers’ bedrooms…’

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