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Labours Of Love

by | 24th, February 2004

‘YOU could hear the collective sigh of relief go up over the Home Counties as the Home Secretary outlined his latest plans for immigration.

Svetlana, Molly and Jack enjoy a good laugh at mummy’s expense

Svetlana, the indispensable Slovenian homehelp who’s so good with delightful Molly and gorgeous Jack, can stay after all.

Of course if she doesn’t do as she’s told then she’ll have to go back from whence she came.

The Surrey masses in their over-sized SUVs and helmeted blonde hair-dos will not be taken for a ride, and if Svetlana wants to stay in this country she must make a better job of ironing her mistress’s copy of Tatler.

While there remains room for abusing the desperate and those who come here in search of a better life, David Blunkett’s latest scheme to control migrant workers, as reported in the Independent, is not all bad.

Svetlana and thousands like her will have to be in full-time employment for a full 12 months before they can claim state-run benefits, like Housing Benefit and Income Support.

But during that time they can use our hospitals (where many will probably all be working anyhow) and send their children to our schools (a highly debatable perk).

Anyone caught making benefit claims in that time will be told off, and then told off even more sternly the next time they do it. They then might even be deported.

And after catching up with the folks back home, courtesy of a free flight from the UK Government, they will be free to return and make another claim and repeat the entire process.

But even with these new laws in force – legislation designed to deal with the expansion of the European Union on May 1 – the Telegraph reminds us that Britain will be the only major EU country not to restrict access to her labour market.

Not that this is all that surprising when we realise how Leo Blair is but a young cub and so in need of an au pair’s guidance…’

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