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by | 24th, February 2004

‘TO make our new arrivals feel comfortable as they motor along in their uninsured death-traps (see Mail and Express every day), the police are erecting signs that will smile at them as they pass.

A Bad Trip

The Times shows a picture of such an electronic sign, called a SID (speed indicator device), which will also tell Svetlana and her boyfriend how fast they are travelling.

But if the speed limit is exceeded, the sign will not be too happy and rather than looking like a smiley from the 1980s acid movement will turn down in the mouth.

This, the police say, will depress the speeding motorist to such an extent that they will curtail their speed and move within the boundaries of the law.

What’s more, the driver will not receive a speeding ticket in the post and points on their licence since the new smilies are intended to replace the revenue-generating speed cameras.

The result will be safer motoring and a great way for boy racers engaged in death-defying tests of nerve to announce how fast they were going.

Aciiiiid, as they say on the A34 near Newbury…’

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