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Beauty And Brains

by | 24th, February 2004

‘BEAUTY and brains is a powerful combination – just ask the ladies of Cambridge University.

The new Cambridge entry exam was an egalitarian triumph

Or, if you don’t live in Cambridge, you can save time and read today’s Daily Express.

“Pose graduates,” chuckles the headline, above a picture of a dozen lovely ladies simpering in boats on the river Cam.

“A week after female students at Cambridge University raised eyebrows by forming a pole dancing troupe, they have hit on a pretty clever way to raise money for charity,” reports the paper, before going on to explain that “for the second year in a row” they are “stepping onto the catwalk for a fashion show”.

We hate to be picky about this, but how exactly does one “hit” on a “pretty clever” idea if someone at your own university has already hit upon it a year earlier?

And if the idea isn’t a new one, and no-one is accusing the Oxford girls of having implants, what is it doing in the news pages?’

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