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Those Who Can Do…

by | 25th, February 2004

‘CLARE Short: discuss. Use graphs and diagrams wherever possible.

‘Do as I say and not as I do’

That would a make good geography GCSE question. Students would be given flags with a picture of Short on and asked to stick them into places on the globe where the charmless one has worked good deeds.

Of course, it would be a trick question because Short’s record as the face of this country’s overseas development was as pathetic as her failure to step down from the Cabinet as promised the moment a British gun was fired in anger in Saddam’s Iraq.

But Short did resign – eventually – and ever since that happy day has been touting herself around like a minor celeb.

Tonight we get to see Short teaching geography at a inner-city school. She’s there for a week and the good news is that she managed to find her way to the school and back again.

Knowing where you are is a good thing when it some to geography. Knowing where you are going is another thing entirely. And where Short is off to is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps a very small line in a history book, just under Robin Cook…’

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