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by | 25th, February 2004

‘“POSH’S BOOBS: BRITAIN DECIDES.” Yes, indeed. For although the Star put its weight behind Jordan’s hefty claim yesterday, it seems that the issue of Victoria Beckham’s alleged breast enhancement is still not settled.

Posh is making Day-vid look like a right tit

Katie Price’s front-page story about how Posh whipped them out in a Chinese restaurant certainly convinced us. But others weren’t so sure, and the matter was taken up by the highest forum in the land – GMTV.

Soon a “huge debate” – some would say “mass” – was underway on “radio stations across the nation.

Posh, meanwhile, has declined to comment, although she is said to be “spitting feathers”. She has issued denials in the past, though, and even admitted that “my nipples aren’t as pert as they were before having Brooklyn”.

This isn’t enough to satisfy the Star, however. And if Posh won’t talk, then it must be left to the people – with the help of “your bra-bursting, ego-pricking Daily Star”.

The phone lines are open, the die is cast. We know that, as Anorak readers, you will use your vote with care.’

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