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Civil Rights

by | 25th, February 2004

‘OUR own leader is not above listening to what goes on overseas, and he might just be set for a cull in the manner of Russia’s Mr Putin.

Britain’s slow bowlers

The Guardian was at a speech the Prime Minister gave on the civil service in which he warned the mandarins of Whitehall to adopt the Army’s can-do approach or die.

The men in grey should, as the paper says, accept radical changes to their working practices or risk becoming an “expensive irrelevance”.

The paper goes onto list how Tony will shake-up the service, mentioning how high flyers will be moved into a “High Potential Development Scheme”, while under-performing civil servants will be sacked.

“Adapt quickly so you prosper,” said Tony, who has been known to turn on a sixpence. “Fail to do so and you decline.”

And that’s what the Army did, apparently: they adapted. When the foot and mouth crisis enveloped the land, the Army, in Tony’s words, took a “remorseless focus” to the problem and solved it.

What they did was to slaughter pretty much every baaing, mooing piece of livestock that crossed their path.

It was indeed a cunning plan, made all the more remarkable when we not that the Army are routinely armed with malfunctioning killing machines and bad shoes.’

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