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Air Rage

by | 26th, February 2004

‘IF Jesus were alive today, Mary and Joseph, his non-biological dad, would have video evidence of their boy’s finest moments captured on a hand-held camcorder.

Captain Beadle was known for his wicked sense of humour

A few funnier outtakes would, perhaps, even make their way to the desk of the You’ve Been Framed team, so earning the Christs a few extra bob and enabling them to splash on a private clinic for the birth of little Armani.

We’d lap it up, because watching other people is one of life’s great pleasures, and even better if you can observe them without their knowing.

To some this is called “prying”, “peeping” or “voyeurism”. To others it is known as in-flight entertainment.

The Independent says that when a resident of the Surrey village of Dormansland was eyeing the screen on her Emirates flight as it approached Gatwick, she noticed her garden.

The footage was being filmed by a camera strapped to the aircraft’s fuselage, allowing passengers to see the land beneath them throughout the flight.

Not everyone in the village is happy at being part of this new mile-high reality show.

“There are concerns that someone might be doing some sunbathing in the garden and when an aircraft comes over and you can see it’s Emirates you know they’ve got the cameras rolling,” says David Williams, vice-chairman of the town’s parish council.

“It’s a discomforting feeling to know people could be watching you.”

Or “Watching you watching us, Watching us watching you,” as the great Jeremy Beadle was wont to say…’

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