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by | 26th, February 2004

‘SO after the long wait, India Hicks had another boy.

She’s the cat’s mother

She has two already, which is more than enough for most but then India is not just anyone.

For the record, there’s Felix, named after a type of cat food, and Amory, a Teutonic name meaning “brave and powerful”, which will prove useful when he’s got his head stuffed down the school toilet.

The new boy on the Caribbean estate is called Conrad Lorenzo: Conrad after the author Joseph Conrad and Lorenzo after one of India’s husband’s best friends who died in car crash.

And Lorenzo is not the only one who is now closer to God, since India finds the entire experience of childbirth cathartic.

“I got quite emotional,” says India of the birth, “and I’m not a terribly emotional person. When I give birth I really do feel it’s the moment I’m closest to God.”

It’s something many mothers can back up, and Labour wards are veritable houses of worship as women lay back and scream, “Please God make the pain go way” and “God I hate the bastard you did this to me”.’

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