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Lancaster Bomber

by | 26th, February 2004

‘AS tough jobs go, getting Rachel Hunter to show us her underwear is at No. 5, under Elton John talking about Princess Diana (see next story), Posh harping on about Day-vid, Kerry McPudden’s tales of the jungle and Jordan showing us her naked chest.

‘Cross my heart and hope to die’

Lying back in her knickers, bra and highlighted hair – the twin-set and blue rinse of the youthful – Rachel talks about all things Rachel.

She’s upset that people think she took the job as the new cleavage of Ultimo bras from Penny Lancaster (ex-husband Rod Stewart’s current blonde) out of spite.

“I believe in karma,” says Rachel. “I’m not doing this for revenge. It’s not a personal vendetta. I’m not a bitch. At the end of the day, I have to make a living.”

Rachel is at pains to show us the “real Rachel”, and certainly not the fake, surgically-enhanced one of our fantasise.

Yes, fantasies, because Rachel is all natural. “I’m shocked at the suggestion that I’ve had plastic surgery,” says she. “If my breasts look bigger it’s only because I’m wearing an Ultimo bra.”

And, as if by magic, Rachel is wearing not one but three more of the up-lifters. She doesn’t wear them all at once, of course, because then she’d look like Jordan.

Rachel prefers to keep things simple, wearing one bra at a time and saying how she, a woman from a working-class background, like to work hard for her cash.

Although not as hard as her bras, which, under close inspection, are showing signs of feeling the pressure of keeping Rachel aloft…’

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