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Living The Dream

by | 27th, February 2004

‘AND the Posh-Jordan war broke out on a new front yesterday.


The Star reports that Peter Andre has leapt to his girl’s defence, saying that he’ll deck Becks if necessary. However, he also said that he fancies Posh – which presumably means that Becks will also be expected to deck him in return.

This thought has occurred to Peter too. “Let me tell you this,” said the multi-talented-yet-delusional Australian hunk, “if me and Jordan end up in a serious relationship, it’s going to end up being between me and Beckham, isn’t it?”

If you say so, Pete. Meanwhile, Katie is understandably furious. “He’s in real trouble,” she said. “I am furious. I just hope he said it tongue-in-cheek. It sounds too comical for him to have meant it.”

Maybe. On the other hand, to borrow a phrase from the world of football, the lad can be anything he wants to be – even David Beckham’s rival.

And who’s to say that if he wants it enough, he won’t live the dream? Remember, sometimes dreams really do come true. In the pages of the Star, at least.’

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