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by | 1st, March 2004

‘“STOP the French eating our ponies,” pleads the Express.

‘Stop playing with your dinner, Marcel’

No, not so we can eat them ourselves. And, most definitely, not because the Somalis have eaten all our donkeys and are now looking for alternatives.

But because it is plain wrong.

Campaigners at the Horse And Ponies Protection Association are ”astonished” by new European Union legislation, the catchy Welfare Of Animals In Transport Directive.

This, apparently, will scrap Britain’s Minimal Value scheme, which has effectively barred the export of equine beasts for meat by imposing prices too high to make it economically viable.

That will now go, leading to the export of Dartmoor and Shetland ponies (an hors d’oeuvre) and many former pets winding up as the dish du jour at some Frenchman’s table.

And a new horse-breeding programme in Ambridge…’

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