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by | 1st, March 2004

‘NEWS that Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter has been signed up as the new “face” of lingerie range Ultimo has not gone down too well with the singer’s current girlfriend Penny Lancaster.

Thank to Ultimo, Rachel could once more use her hands

“Frankly I think it’s pretty sad and pathetic,” said her agent Nicholas Young.

“If you are going to upgrade your campaign, you would normally go for a younger model, not an older one. Ultimo has done this as a PR stunt. Obviously Britt Ekland was not available.”

Actually, we at Anorak have checked and Britt was available but was passed over in favour of 34-year-old Rachel, who has managed to take enough time off from her acting career to prance around in her smalls for the benefit of OK! readers.

“Ultimo needed an international face to promote their brand to a worldwide audience,” Rachel explains, “and I’m very happy that face will be mine.

“I’m very excited about being chosen to show women around the world the great look of Ultimo.”

Not only is Rachel big news in the UK and in New Zealand (where she was born), but according to OK! she is riding the crest of a wave in the US as well.

In a video for the song Stacy’s Mum by Fountains Of Wayne, Rachel strips to her underwear in the kitchen and then pole dances on the worktop.

And she has also appeared on the TV game show, Are You Hot? The Search For America’s Sexiest People.

All of which would be enough to make a lesser mortal than Penny jealous, but agent Nicholas Young insists she is not upset by the snub.

After all, she’s got her photography to fall back on and, now with more time on her hands, it is surely only a matter of minutes before we see a major exhibition of her work at one of the world’s top galleries.’

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