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Ta-ta, Tara

by | 1st, March 2004

‘ONE human year may equate to seven in the canine world, but in Celebville it is more like 10.

Percy has scaled the cliff-face of love

And that means that Joan Collins and toyboy husband Percy Gibson have just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, a mere 24 months after tying the knot at a lavish star-studded ceremony at Claridge’s in London.

And what better way to celebrate such an important milestone than with a second honeymoon at a cliff-face retreat in Acapulco.

Of course, if celebs aged at the same rate as their relationships, Joan would be as old as Methuselah by now, but she has had so many lifts, tucks and Botox injections that she looks scarcely a day older than she did yesterday.

But biology doesn’t lie and Joan is now a grandmother – as OK! delights in reminding her, her daughter Tara has recently had a baby boy, called Weston.

However, it would appear that Joan and Percy have not been putting in too many hours on babysitting duty.

“We have only seen him a couple of times,” she admits. “Tara is keeping him very quiet because I thinks she wants to retire from public life.”

This could come as news to those of us who erroneously thought that Tara had already retired – or, more accurately, been retired – from public life.

However, a quick glance at her filmography shows that she has not been idle since her groundbreaking performance as Thumbelina opposite her mother’s Polyester Poontang in the 1969 classic Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe And Find True Happiness?

Only a couple of years ago, she appeared as herself in the seminal TV documentary When Shoulder Pads Ruled The World.’

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