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Denver Booted And Suited

by | 3rd, March 2004

‘THE Express brushes away its usual hyperbole (‘Looking at gypsies gives you cancer’) and litotes (‘There is no small problem with gypsies giving you cancer’) and gives it to us straight.

Becks models Lambeth Council’s Recycling Department’s new uniform

‘Serves you right for wearing that jumper…’ says the paper’s headline above a story of how David Beckham had his car clamped while he and La Posh dined out in London.

The jumper, which the Express claims is tantamount to a criminal act, is then revealed in all its technicolour hideousness and commented upon by people expert in such knitwear.

It’s a grey, blue and pink diamond-patterned golfing jumper. And to reinforce its unpleasantness, the paper asks Geoff Souster, a tailor on Savile Row, what he thinks.

‘For someone who is at the forefront of fashion,’ he says, ‘this latest look is beyond belief, as he appears to have confused sartorial elegance with gypsy chic.’

And for doing that the Express believes Beckham was correctly stopped in his tracks and fined.

And he’d be rightfully deported, if he didn’t already live in Spain, a place brimful of mind-altering gypsies…’

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