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Blood On The Tracks

by | 3rd, March 2004

‘ANY programme about Jarvis, the firm that, among many things, fiddles about with train tracks, might not begin on time.

‘The train on Platform 4…’

It might overrun, limping home around a month or so late, and there may be a few casualties along the way.

But you are TV viewers – sorry, TV customers – and must be prepared to put up with a few disruptions while things are improved.

If you do have any issues you’d like to discuss about this company profile, please consult the citizen’s charter and write to Jarvis.

Only don’t send your missives to Jarvis, since things have gotten so bad that they have decided that from now on they would like to be known as Engenda.

A spokesman for the firm denies that the name change is designed to distance the ‘new’ firm from the old one. But whatever the reasons, you should address your concerns to Engenda.

Deborah Cameron, the new Murdoch professor of language and communication at Worcester College Oxford, says: ‘The new names are always Latin. That is another reason why people think it is such bollocks.

“The thing that is particularly crappy about it is it is fake Latin. It is dignifying a very ordinary thing with a ridiculous label.’

“Crappy” and “bollocks”! Hmmm… that sounds like the makings of a decent company motto. What is the Greek for Potters Bar?’

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