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The Play’s The Thing

by | 4th, March 2004

‘IT’S so difficult in these days of audience participation to know what’s part of the play and what’s not – so we can forgive the Czech audience who cheered when a fan jumped on stage during a performance of Marian Palla’s I Washed Again In Vain and tried to rip the lead actress’s clothes off.

We can also understand why they cheered even louder as another actor tried to help prise the 35-year-old man off Jitka Joskova.

But what we cannot quite understand is why the man behaved as he did in the first place, as apparently Joskova was actually in the middle of performing a striptease at the time.

The overeager theatre-goer later turned up backstage at the Slovacke Theatre in Uherske Hradiste with flowers to apologise for his behaviour.

Joskova, who accepted the man’s apology, said: ‘He was sitting in the front row and then he went wild. He grabbed me and pulled me to him before starting to undress me.

‘The audience were having a great time because they thought it was part of the play.”

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