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Has Beans

by | 8th, March 2004

‘HAS anyone else noticed that since Jordan erupted onto the scene, OK! has spent little time actually speaking with the Beckhams?

‘Here’s one we made earlier’

We have, and are less than pleased to see such behaviour repeated this week, as the magazine once more can’t be bothered to ask Posh and Day-vid what they think of something or other.

There are photographs of the pair and their children walking though the streets of the Costa del Sol’s Fuengirola resort, but not a word passes between the couple and their supporters-in-chief.

So we have taken the liberty to imagine a conversation of what might have been.

Today, Posh will talk about her passion for Spanish food.

“I like plain food,” says she. “And so does Day-vid. I think baked beans go really well with chicken nuggets.

“Sometimes when I’m hungry, or just feeling crazy, I’ll go out and buy the ingredients to make it. It’s not easy in Spain, but after Jose, our Spanish teacher, taught me that “supermercado” is Spanish for Asda, things have been going great.

“First of all I go to the aisle where the cans of beans are kept and take one from the shelf. Then I go to the part of the ‘supermercado’ where the nuggets are and pick up some of those.

“Sometimes Day-vid comes with me and then he picks them up.

“I then go to the end of the aisle – I think it’s aisle two, or “trio” as Day-vid says – and pay for the beans and the nuggets.

“Then I get home – exhausted! But I find cooking a bit boring so I get my mum to cook it. It’s delicious. The kids love it! Tomorrow, I’m going to try making a face out of the beans!

“Not mine, but maybe Jordan’s.”’

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