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by | 9th, March 2004

‘EVERY era has its mysteries. Where did Lord Lucan run to? Who killed Cock Robin? Did Jack Ruby act alone?

‘No, dear. It’s not time for your afternoon nap yet’

And so these days we have our own puzzle to solve: who is the Marquesa de Varela, the shadowy figure who travels the better parts of globe securing interviews for Hello! magazine?

Tonight BBC1 tries to find an answer to that question as it broadcasts The Secrets Of Hello! at 10:35.

We do indeed see the Marquesa de Varela at work, and the show pays particular heed to her involvement with photos of the wedding of Catherine Zeta Jones to Michael Douglas.

In order to protect her boss, Varela apparently signed a false declaration, so taking the blame for the picture fiasco.

What else we know is that Varela is a place in Argentina, and the Marquesa may or may be or may not be one of its titled gentry.

It is all pretty mysterious, and serves to make a magazine that is essentially a PR vehicle for nobs, gobs and celebrity yobs look something more than it is.’

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