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by | 10th, March 2004

‘THIS might come as news to anyone who saw her flashing her knickers at photographers at the weekend, but big-chested model Kate Price has apparently ditched her Jordan persona for good.

‘I’m getting m-m-m-married in the m-m-m-morning…’

Love for pint-sized popster Peter Andre, not to mention a keen eye for a new avenue of self-promotion, means that in future Kate will keep her Jordans under wraps.

And, as if to prove that she really has changed, the Star (which publishes a nostalgic shot of her FFs on its Page 3) says she ‘is about to pull off the ultimate coup by posing for upmarket style mag Vogue’.

‘What’s more,’ it says, with all the pride of a father seeing his daughter being crowned Miss Cleethorpes, ‘the hot shots of our girl are to be taken by superstar photographer Mario Testino.’

Realising that its readers’ knowledge of the photographic world probably doesn’t extend much beyond sending the odd Polaroid of the missus to Readers’ Wives, the Star explains that Testino is the man whose images of Princess Diana and Kate Moss have established him as THE photographer to the stars.

‘Everything’s changed for Kate since she ditched her Jordan persona,’ a pal says. ‘And the fact that she’s going to be in Vogue shows how far she’s come.’

As if to emphasise the break with her past, the Star also has news that Gareth Gates, one time beau of Miss Price, is to wed.

He may not even be 20, but the Pop Idol runner-up can recognise a career hurtling towards oblivion and is determined to cash in while he still can.

With that in mind, the paper says he went down on bended knee to pop the question to 27-year-old dancer Suzanne Mole, his girlfriend for the past year.

Half an hour later and with cramp beginning to set in, the words ‘Will you marry me?’ were finally out of his mouth…and Suzanne ‘broke the hearts of millions of female fans’ by saying, ‘Yes’.

A pal says the couple are hoping to get married later this year (in other words, just before the last rites are said over Gareth’s career) with speech therapist Michael Hay as Gareth’s best man.

‘Michael will be on hand to help Gareth when he says his vows,’ the pal says.

As a back-up plan, Gareth has arranged for Roger De Courcey to leave Nookie Bear at home for the day and use his amazing powers of ventriloquism to help Gareth mime, ‘I do’.’

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