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by | 10th, March 2004

‘SHARON Dyson is probably feeling a bit sheepish this morning after accidentally sending an e-mail intended for boyfriend Alex Hewson to 30 of his mates.

‘Whoops! It looks like I might have used the drain cleaner by mistake’

Needless to say, the mates forwarded it on to their mates and very soon the newspapers had got hold of it.

Now, says the Express, a momentary lapse of concentration could cost the PR girl her job, not only because the e-mail revealed ’embarrassing sexual confessions’ but also because it was disparaging about some of her company’s clients.

However, a look over the text of the e-mail (sent while on a work trip to Australia) in the Mail reveals little in the way of embarrassing sexual confession, except in reference to apparent phone sex conversations, and even less in the way of abuse of her clients.

What is does reveal, however, is a shocking disregard for the most basic rules of grammar, in particular punctuation.

That’s surely far more embarrassing than whatever it is she wanted to do to her boyfriend with a bottle of massage oil…’

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