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Ladies Who Lunch

by | 12th, March 2004

‘WHILE Madrid reverberates to the sound and fury of bombs and their aftermath, one of the city’s newest residents must be gently steaming.

Doing what she does best

Yesterday was the day when then Queen threw open her doors to 200 high-achieving women, inviting such luminaries of womanhood as Kate Adie, Cherie Booth (latterly Blair) and Janet Street- Porter to chat and mingle over a casserole of salmon and monkfish and some passion fruit cheesecake.

The entire list of invitees occupies the better part of a page in the Guardian, and looking down it we can see mention of the likes of the great Floella Benjamin and the lovely Kate Moss.

But we have examined the list time and time again and can still find no mention of Victoria Beckham.

We also cannot see Katie Price, Lucy Pinder, Clare Short, Sarah Ferguson, Vanessa Feltz, Kerry McPadding or Anthea Tuner, so whatever pain Posh must be experiencing, she can console herself with the news that being persona non grata puts her in good company.

Indeed, she might well like to hold her own meet-and-greet, inviting women she believes to have been successful enough in life to come round to her place for lunch.

And if she wants to be petty and gain some smidgeon of revenge, she can fail to extend an invitation to Her Majesty, although a woman who has done little in her life apart from wave and have bay-bies is something of a kindred spit to La Posh one.’

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