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A Chorus Of Booze

by | 16th, March 2004

‘HOME Secretary David Blunkett’s dream of turning Britain into a police state with all of us forced to carry ID cards at all times moves a step closer to reality this morning.

William Hague has No.14 lined up already

And the method by which this dystopia is to be achieved is outlined in the Times, which says the Government is planning to impose on-the-spot fines on landlords and barmen who serve alcohol to drunks and under-18s.

This will inevitably lead to the absurd situation that exists in the United States whereby anyone of whatever age wanting to buy a pint will be forced to prove their age.

Faced with the prospect of fines, bar staff will always err on the side of caution and we foresee more problems from drinkers refused service for reasons of age or sobriety.

‘Increasingly, alcohol misuse by a small minority is causing two major, and largely distinct, problems,’ Tony Blair said yesterday.

‘On the one hand, crime and anti-social behaviour in town and city centres, and on the other harm to health as a result of binge and chronic drinking.’

It is a subject that Mr Blair, whose son Euan was famously found passed out in Leicester Square in a pool of his own vomit, knows something about.

But official figures show that we actually drink very little in comparison with our European neighbours – far less than the French, for instance.

Surely, the problem is not how much we drink but how we drink – and that is a direct result of the antiquated licensing laws in this country.

Forcing us all to carry ID cards may make Mr Blunkett happy, but it won’t impress many other people.’

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