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by | 17th, March 2004

‘THE BBC has its finger on the pulse – and what takes the New Economic Foundation years of careful research Auntie knows instinctively.

The new faces of Saturday night on the BBC

It knows that we were never happier than in 1976, so it is going to do its best to recreate that year on our screens.

In its Saturday night ratings war with ITV, the BBC is putting its faith in, er, an updated version of The Generation Game, an updated version of Come Dancing and what the Guardian calls ‘a modern variation of the ‘zoo’-style programmes pioneered by Noel Edmonds.

With any luck, we could also see the reappearance of the Test Card and the playing of the National Anthem when the channel closes down for the night.

‘We are trying to ring the changes,’ says Lorraine Heggessey – an ambition that can be seen from the choice of talent to present the shows.

Nice to see you, to see you…NICE! to Bruce Forsyth; a lorra lorra love to new recruit Cilla Black; and Shut That Door, Mr Paul O’Grady (host of the new Generation Game)…

And welcome, Johnny and Denise (last seen together on Big Breakfast and soon to be co-hosts of the imaginatively titled Saturday Night With Johnny And Denise) and Graham Norton.

The next thing is there’ll be talk of bringing back Starsky And Hutch…’

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