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by | 26th, March 2004

‘“THE Daily Mail-icious is a must-read for the BNP, and here’s why,” announces the headline on page two of the Express.

Fred Bassett’s mad-cap adventures always made the Mail’s readers smile

There follows a litany of shame.

“The Daily Mail has always been the paper of choice for fascists,” the unnamed Daily Express Reporter thunders. “The shameful anti-Semitic record of the Rothermere newspaper empire during Adolf Hitler’s reign is well known.

“But today, in 2004 [for the benefit of readers under the impression that it’s still 1954], the Daily Mail-icious has become required reading for members of the British National Party, as this shocking picture on the right shows.”

And sure enough, the picture in question shows a man with a sign that says: “VOTE BNP read the Daily Mail.”

Persuasive stuff, to be sure, but there’s more.

The Mail, we are told, “relentlessly denigrates women who struggle to combine a career with raising their family”. Or irresponsible single mothers, to give them their correct title.

That clinches it. The wheezy shuffling you can hear is half a million elderly Express readers making their way to the newsagent to switch their daily order to the Mail.

Which is great news for the owner of the Express, who obviously didn’t want the custom of that sort of person anyway.’

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