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by | 29th, March 2004

‘IF the Archbishop of Canterbury really wants to do something about our Footballers’ Wives culture, then he needs to get out of the pulpit and make his voice heard.

A badger lover

And there is no better place in which to do that than on the new talent show, Vote For Me.

The Independent says ITV is planning to stage a Pop Idol-type show to find a contestant to stand at the next General Election.

The paper says the idea is intended to stimulate interest in the political process, but ‘the notion of the nation’s largest commercial broadcaster throwing its weight behind a future political candidate is highly controversial’.

Instead of singing for their supper, contestants on Vote For Me will have to undergo a grilling from a veteran political interviewer and field questions from a studio audience.

They will then be expected to sleep with their researcher, fiddle their election expenses and spend their evenings at a local beauty spot watching badgers.’

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