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More Bloody Rowing

by | 29th, March 2004

”ROONEY RIOT’ announces the Sun, above an entertaining account of the eventful celebrations in honour of Colleen McLaughlin’s 18th birthday.

‘I even bought the No.18 shorts as a present’

Colleen is Wayne Rooney’s fiancée, and Wayne had laid on a perfect bash for his princess at Liverpool’s Devonshire Hotel.

Unfortunately ‘bash’ turned out to be the operative word, as the Rooney clan clashed with Collen’s family in a ‘Wild West-style brawl at 3.30am’ – 90 minutes after the free bar had closed.

Mind you, Wayne’s mum didn’t hang about. She was ‘rolling drunk’ by 8.30 and had her hands ‘all over’ an Everton player.

The Rooney sons told her to stop drinking, and Wayne shouted at her so angrily that he was told by Kevin Campbell: ‘Don’t speak to your mother like that.’

Then Wayne’s dad had him cringing in embarrassment when he started singing Everton songs. Eventually the short-necked star walked out.

It wasn’t until later that all hell broke loose, and young Wayne split his hand after punching the wall in frustration. Louise herself had someone else’s blood splattered all over her face.

But what started it all? The paper provides the answer. ‘Rooney’s uncle Eugene is said to have rowed with hotel staff – sparking the brawl’.

Yes, rowing seems to be the cause of most anti-social behaviour these days. How sad – yet how unsurprising – to see a once-civilised sport dragged through the gutter once again.’

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