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Alfie Gets Into Debt

by | 29th, March 2004

‘CHARLIE finally came out of prison this week and, within minutes of his return to Happy Valley, he’d had a massive row with his entire family and was in danger of having a stress-induced heart attack.

‘A fiver a time – and free for OAPs’

At his Welcome Home party, Ian had let slip to Charlie that the Slaters had paid rapist Graham off in exchange for him dropping his court case against him. “Wot you tryin’ to do to him?” he screamed at Kat. “You’re takin’ away me dignity as a man.”

No, Charlie, you lost that the minute you agreed to be in EastEnders.

Alfie had gone to gangster Andy for a loan and was surprised when he agreed. “Let’s just keep this between ourselves, “ whispered Andy, to which Alfie was more than happy to agree.

Andy even offered to waive the first repayment date, probably hoping that the higher the interest repayments rise, the lower Kat’s knickers are going to drop.

For reasons only known to him and his psychiatrist, Andy has an all-consuming passion for Kat and it’s clear he’s going to use Alfie’s debt to try and lure her into bed at some point. With £7,500 outstanding, she’s going to have her work cut out: her usual rate is twenty quid an hour.

Elsewhere in The Square, Dennis and Sharon are continuing their equally unsavoury relationship.

“We’ve done nofink wrong!” screamed an impassioned Sharon in The Vic after Sam accused her of being disgusting. “We love each other – what’s so wrong with that?” Well, the wedding will certainly be cheap considering they’re only got one family to invite.

Paul was in the pub and Sharon’s speech spurred him on to try and fix things with Natalie. Natalie has dumped him on discovering that he was more involved in Barry’s death that he’s told her.

After being let go by the police due to lack of evidence, Janine went straight round to Natalie’s. “Let me tell you about your precious Paul, shall I?” she spat. “Yes! I killed Barry, but Paul helped me.”

Natalie’s decided to leave Walford to make a fresh start. “Don’t go,” begged a tearful Paul. “I can change.” Change into what? A successful murderer instead of a failed one?

Paul has vowed to get his revenge on Janine. He started by doing a Basil Fawlty and smashing up her car. Paul won’t have to wait long, however, as Janine is set to go down very soon…and this time it’s not for a fiver behind the car lot.’

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