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Passion Play

by | 30th, March 2004

‘IF you are blind, have leprosy or are just suffering from a particularly nasty hangover, can we recommend a trip to the local cinema?

‘It’s done wonders for my back this walk’

No, not to see Jersey Girl, although watching Ben Affleck on screen for almost two hours will put your other problems into perspective.

Go instead to see Mel Gibson’s gorefest The Passion Of The Christ and join the hundreds of Americans who have been cured by the experience.

Gibson himself claims that even before the film was finished, it had been responsible for a couple of people having their sight and hearing restored.

And since then cinemagoers have been throwing away their sticks by the dozen and walking.

Psychic Anthony Carr said a woman even recovered from a migraine while watching the film.

And the Rev Jerry Faldwell, one of most whacked out of all the religious loons on the other side of the Atlantic, told the Enquirer: ‘May people who have seen Mr Gibson’s film have come to me saying that they felt the actual presence of God in the theatre.’

So is there truth in all these claims?

We could of course quote the figures that suggest that 40% of Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens.

But instead we will merely suggest that, if this film really can perform miracles, then can it make Ben Affleck turn in a decent acting performance?’

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