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So Much To Answer For

by | 31st, March 2004

‘THEY may observe old-world courtesies in Liverpool, but down the road in Manchester things are very different.

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The Star reports that ‘reality’ TV show Wife Swap is under fire for deliberately seeking out ‘lazy-arse motor-mouths’ from Manchester, because the city produces ‘great characters’.

By which they mean characters like Lizzy Bardsley, whose big break came in the previous series, and has since gone on to entertain viewers of Channel Five’s Back To Reality, and readers of the Daily Sport, who recently had the pleasure of seeing her pose in the nude.

This hasn’t gone down to well with some Manchester folk.

Local MP Graham Stringer thinks it is a ‘cynical and offensive’ ploy.

‘Taking loud-mouth, lazy, benefit-dependent people from Manchester and putting them with southerners is going to give people a prejudicial view of Manchester,’ he fumed, and spat out a mouthful of mushy peas in disgust.

Manc hero Bernard Manning wasn’t happy either.

‘There are a lot of honest and hard-working people in Manchester,’ insisted the workaholic comic.

Well, there are now that the place is crawling with southern TV researchers.’

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