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Only Obeying Orders

by | 1st, April 2004

‘WHEN West Germany beat the legendary “Mighty Magyars” of Hungary in the 1954 World Cup final in Switzerland, it was one of the greatest football upsets of all time.

‘Take that, Fritz’

But now it has been claimed that the victory was achieved with the help of amphetamines given to the players before the game.

The revelation comes courtesy of Walter Broennimann, a former cleaner at Berne’s Wankdor Stadium (that’s not an April Fool, by the way).

He says that he found suspicious capsules washed down a drain in the showers, but when he handed them in he was sworn to secrecy.

The team doctor claims that they received nothing more than Vitamin C jabs, but Sebastien Dehnhardt, co-author of a book which covers the affair, is convinced that they were doped.

And he has an interesting explanation.

“They were soldiers, and soldiers obey orders,” he says. Ah yes.’

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