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by | 6th, April 2004

‘SCIENTISTS are forecasting that obesity could overtake smoking as the most common preventable cause of cancer within 10 years.

‘Tubby bye-bye to tubby children’

According to the Telegraph, a third of all cancers will be linked to excess fat by the middle of the next decade unless we stop eating so much.

But the signs are that we are at last starting to take such warnings seriously.

Yesterday, for instance, the Teletubbies announced that they are to stop endorsing unhealthy children’s foods, Tinky Winky telling the Telegraph that it was ‘Tubby bye-bye’ to Teletubby chocolate bars, marshmallows and jellies.

The Tweenies are expected to follow suit, as is the Army, which (according to the Independent) is so concerned about new recruits with weight problems and an addiction to junk food that it has called in nutritional experts to come up with new-style ration packs.

But if obesity does overtake smoking as the primary cause of cancer, what response will we see from the powers that be?

Will fat people be banned from using public transport, will images of fat people be discouraged on TV, will we see massive warnings on the side of burgers, saying ‘Fat Kills’.

And even if we don’t go as far as banning fat people from pubs, will we see areas reserved exclusively for those of us who can see our feet?’

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