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A Loos Woman

by | 7th, April 2004

‘DESCRIBING Rebecca Loos as “posher than Posh” is a bit like describing sugar as “sweeter than Sweetex”.

But the papers are fast discovering that the fact that the 26-year-old daughter of a Dutch diplomat has a posh voice and went to a private school doesn’t make her a shrinking violet.

In fact, the Sun this morning describes her as the “Madrid temptress” and a “sleazy senorita” after it emerged that, not only had she had sex with more than one person in her life, but she might even have enjoyed it.

“Loos by name, loose by nature,” it puns, adding that “the more we learn about Rebecca Loos, the more it becomes clear that family man David Beckham was lured into a trap”.

The other papers are happy to feed this line, with the Star claiming that Loos is a “sex-mad party animal” who loves to film her romps with men AND women.

“There are fears,” it adds, “that Rebecca Loos may have a video of Becks – and could reveal the dynamite evidence to back up her story.”

But if the England football captain has indeed broken his wedding vows, it is of course not his fault.

“She was very eye-catching, flirtatious, cunning and manipulative,” a friend says.

“Beckham wouldn’t have been able to say no to her. She’s insatiable for sex, a fantastic looker and great to be with.”

Of course. Faced with such a battery of talents, what chance did a mere mortal (and a male one at that) such as David Beckham have?

Indeed, as the male hacks salivate over the details of Rebecca Loos’ sex life while condemning her for having one, Beckham emerges with his Goldenballs untarnished.

Never mind claims in the Sun that the footballer swapped sexy text messages with a second girl, Becks is the victim in all this.

The victim of a selfish wife who wouldn’t move to Madrid to be by his side and the victim of what the Mail calls “a libidinous predator” who set out to bring him down.

Who says we don’t live in a male-dominated world?’

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