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Stress Balls

by | 7th, April 2004

‘IF tearfulness is one of 23 warning signs that you might be suffering from stress, then Victoria and David Beckham are certainly feeling the pressure at the moment.

The Mail says a ‘sobbing’ Posh slapped her husband across the face as the full extent of allegations about his cheating emerged.

And a deeply contrite Becks ‘tearfully’ insisted that he needs to stay in Madrid for the sake of his career and told his wife that she should spend more time in Spain.

But what of the other 23 signs? Forgetfulness? Certainly, there are no signs that Becks suffers from the same kind of memory problems as tennis player Pat Cash.

When asked whether he had slept with Rebecca Loos, the former Wimbledon champion wasn’t sure.

‘I’m 50% sure I did,’ the Aussie told the Sun. ‘I wish I could say it was me, but I just can’t remember.’

How about loss of appetite for food, fun and sex? Well, no problems regarding the latter for Becks, at least according to recent revelations.

But eating too much or too little? Posh does indeed look like a stick insect.

And a feeling that everything is pointless? There is no better description of Posh’s solo career.

Loss of interest in personal appearance? Okay, so maybe not…’

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