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The Second Mrs Beckham

by | 15th, April 2004

‘AFTER their made-for-TV divorce with thrones, Beckham memorabilia that splits in half and music by Elton John, what next for Vicky and Dave?

Becks has always got Paris…and Nicky

Sure, the divorce may not happen and the pair may patch up any differences they have. But in these trying times, we must consider what was once unthinkable.

Posh’s future is the simpler of the two. Posh without David is like a parasite without a host. For her, life will only be renewed if she once more finds someone with whom, and on whom, she can feast.

Dave, meanwhile, will have his pick of women, notwithstanding his PA. And to help him choose, Hello! lines up a bevy of the most wonderfully rich young women out there.

Ivanka Trump, who comes plumped up by daddy Donald’s millions and, dare we says, hips, is one.

Another is Aerin Lauder, grand-daughter of Estee, the cosmetics king.

Like David, she’s a mother of two, which will give them a common bond, and perhaps also give David a decent discount on male grooming products.

Roberta Armani is the niece of David’s favourite designer, Giorgio Armani. She’s 33 years old and currently married to Milanese businessman Angelo Moratti.

Which might mean David has to settle for an affair rather than marriage.

Then there’s Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of Italian Prime Minister Silvio. She only 20, which bodes well for her child-bearing potential and, since her dad owns AC Milan football Club, David could work for the family firm.

Making up the numbers are Delphine Arnault, daughter of Bernard Arnault, chairman of French luxury goods group LMVH; Carolina Herrera, whose mother is designer Carolina Herrera, which should make introductions easy; and Fiona Winter Swarovski, whose family are big in crystal.

But to our mind the most likely suspect must be one or both of the Hilton sisters, those heirs to the hotel fortune.

Of the two, our favourite is Paris, who, like David’s son Brooklyn is named after a place, and like the man himself has long blonde hair.

The ultimate choice is his. Although, he can always ask Vicky what she thinks before making his move…’

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