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by | 19th, April 2004

‘CHANGING direction in midstream is a dangerously unsettling move.

How many gears are there on a Spanish tank?

The Telegraph’s story that the newly elected Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has ordered the immediate return of all his country’s troops from Iraq comes as a blow to American and British plans.

The paper hears Spain’s Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moriantos, tell an audience in Egypt that the withdrawal might be completed in just 15 days, although the Times says Spanish military sources propose a more sedate one or two months.

Whatever the exact schedule, the decision to abandon the cause has been made, and the US-led coalition will be damaged by Spain’s removal.

But is the Spanish Government weak in acting so after the terrible terrorist bombing of its country or brave in reversing the former administration’s commitment to Iraq?

It’s hard to see honour in leaving your allies when the going gets tough, whether your conscience has been pricked or not.

But can the same be said of individuals, like the two American soldiers who the Telegraph notes have fled their units rather than be airlifted to the Middle East?

“Just because you sign a contract, that doesn’t mean you abdicate the right to be a moral human being,” says Jeremy Hinzman, who should have read the terms of employment more closely before making his mark.

“If you know that an order is unjust, it’s your duty to disobey it.”

His 18-year-old cohort, Brandon Hughey, put things in stronger terms.

“This is a war based on lies,” says he.

But isn’t truth the first casualty of any war?

That’s something Private Hughey can consider as he sits as far away from action of any sort as it’s possible to get. He and Hinzman have fled to Canada.’

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