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Bump Kin

by | 19th, April 2004

‘FROM being too proud to push, the trend now is for a celeb to gestate like a constipated elephant.

‘I’ll let you out when I’m famous’

In “STARS AND THEIR BUMPS”, OK! takes a look at the celebrities who are expecting a delivery some time never.

If we are looking at bumps and not babies, surely something has gone wrong.

Have these women concluded that the journey towards motherhood is better than the arrival? Has a medical procedure been developed to actually keep junior in the womb indefinitely?

“Let me out!” screams the now six-year-old child living within Kacey Ainsworth. “Free the Arquette one!” pleads the life form that resides within Courteney Cox.

Of course, some nippers might be happy where they are.

Showbiz demands the spectacular entrance, and the bump within Ulrika Jonsson could emerge just before the final of football’s European Championships dressed in Cuban heels and a pair of glasses, mumbling something about his commitment to England and Nancy.

Or he could be called Lance…’

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