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Julia Sloberts

by | 19th, April 2004

‘JULIA Roberts may have been engaged more often than David Beckham’s mobile phone, but these days we’re glad to report that she’s a happily married woman.

You’d kick her out of bed

However, it wasn’t always thus – there was a time when Julia couldn’t walk past a man in the street without coming away with a ring on her finger.

A walk-on part as Chandler Bing’s old schoolmate in Friends was all it took for the Pretty Woman to get together with Chandler Bing himself, aka Matthew Perry.

And this week the National Enquirer lets us in on the secrets of the couple’s romance.

For instance, we learn that in those innocent days before text messaging, the couple fired off sizzling faxes to each other, one of which read: “I love a man who can fax me five times a day.”

We hear that Julia once had to tell the insatiable Perry to cool it. “Down, boy,” she is supposed to have said. “Give a girl a chance to breathe.”

And we discover that Julia is a slob, leaving her panties on the bathroom floor, toothpaste all over the sink and diet drink cans leaking their contents all over the carpet.

Which is just one of many reasons why the actress is no longer allowed through the doors of Anorak Towers.’

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