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Becks Does Penance

by | 20th, April 2004

‘REBECCA Loos and Sarah Marbeck have done their worst; now the interview all the papers want is with one person we know has slept with David Beckham – his wife Victoria.

‘It sleeps 12, so there’s one room for you, one for Rebecca…’

And it looks like it’s going to come down to a battle between the Sun and the Express, both of whom try to outdo each other by fawning over the cuckolded wife.

To be fair, the Sun has been laying the ground work for the past fortnight.

It may have been its sister paper, the News Of The World, that broke the story of Beckham’s infidelity, but what’s the point of having your cake if you can’t eat it as well?

So, the Sun was quick to label Loos the ‘sleazy senorita’ and praise Victoria for her dignity as one girl after another came forward claiming to have intimate knowledge of her husband.

But the Express fights back this morning with a picture of ‘Queen Victoria’ posing outside the Albert Hall and wearing a smile like The Joker emerging from The Toxic Bin.

And in her use of her wedding throne as a stage prop for last night’s gala performance, it reads ‘a bold and symbolic gesture’ to her supposed rivals.

This, the paper is also quick to remind everyone, was the same throne that was used in the couple’s 1999 wedding, covered exclusively by OK!, which is of course owned by the very same Richard Desmond who owns the Express.

Meanwhile, David Beckham lets his hair do the talking as always, appearing beside his wife with his head shaved in some kind of penance for his adultery.

But getting back in his wife’s good books is going to cost him a lot more than a number one all over.

He’s already forked out £1m on a ring for La Posh’s 30th birthday; now, according to the Sun, he is set to pay £10m for a Swiss ski chalet called Septieme Ciel.

The chalet, near Verbier, sleeps 12 and boasts an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, games room and basement cinema.

Holiday firm Descent International, which rents out the chalet for £32,000 a week, says it ’embodies the art of extreme relaxation’.

And Victoria was apparently so excited when she heard about her present that, as an insider tells the Sun, ‘she was close to tears’.

As indeed she might be if she realises that it was in a basement cinema that her husband is alleged to have seduced Sarah Marbeck…’

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