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This Happy Breed Of Men

by | 21st, April 2004

‘TODAY Anorak salutes a quite extraordinary bunch of people – the 987 Sun readers who phoned in yesterday to back the proposed European constitution.

Poll Sensation: 3% Say Yes

Who are these brave men and women who have remained resolute in their support of the European dream in the face of the paper’s unremitting hostility?

Who are these hardy souls who sit in their local pubs night after night lecturing the assembled company on the merits of Europe-wide tax harmonisation?

Who are these modern-day Sir Thomas Mores, whose Utopia is a sovereign European parliament, an overarching European Court and a European defence force?

The Sun’s front page may trumpet the fact that 97% of the 36,392 readers who phoned its EU The Jury poll said no, non and nein to handing more power to Brussels.

But if 3% bothered to pick up the phone to say yes, oui, ja and si, then all may not be lost for Tony Blair quite yet.

Of course, these 987 might be have misread the question, they might have dialled a wrong number or they might have been cold callers ringing to see if the Sun was happy with its current contents insurance policy.

We will hopefully know more tomorrow as the lines are still open.

So, if you want to join this happy breed of men, then pick up the phone and dial 09063 612217 now. Calls cost no more than 10p – a cheap way, we’re sure you’ll agree, of attaining immortality.’

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