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by | 23rd, April 2004

‘THIS is also a country where 72% of the population (in a Sun poll) have an opinion on whether the Beckham’s marriage will survive his recent infidelities.

‘Is it because I is tanned?’

A country where people actually care if Jordan is going out with pint-sized Aussie Peter Andre. (By the way, she is. It says so in the Star.)

A country where the big debate today is whether Big Ron is racist.

Former players come to the TV pundit’s support in the Star this morning after he lost his job for calling Marcel Desailly a “lazy fucking nigger” on air.

While Ian Wright tells the Mirror that he was racially taunted by Big Ron, John Fashanu, Carlton Palmer and Cyrille Regis, all of whom played for Atkinson when he was a manager, insist to the Star that he is NOT racist.

Not that it seems to bother Star readers whether he is or not, judging by some of the text messages sent in his support.

“if that’s big Rons opinion hes entitled it, stuff the pc brigade its supposed to b a free country,” writes Phil of Wakefield.

Yes, Phil. And English is supposed to be the mother tongue.

“big ron’s got ball’s he tells it how it is,” says Mitch.

And Darren of Leeds weighs in with a considered “SHUDDUP YOR BIG FAT STUPID FACE YOU MORON”.

By George, what a great lot we are!’

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