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Dressing Down

by | 23rd, April 2004

‘ONE person that all the papers can unite in support of is Maxine Kelly, a 36-year-old lawyer sacked for wearing too short a skirt.

Nikkala does ‘dress down’ Friday

Needless to say, Miss Kelly is suing the firm for sexual discrimination after falling foul of an office policy telling women what they could and couldn’t wear.

Banned were “revealing or suggestive dresses and skirts”, “skirts worn above the knee”, “low-cut tops”, “garments showing the midriff”, “clothes that ride up and reveal excess flesh when bending over or sitting”, “tight trousers, skirts or blouses” as well as visible tattoos and body piercings.

The dress code was sent to 50 women at Advance Legal, a law firm in Burton-on-Trent, all of whom were told to sign it.

According to the Mail, Miss Kelly signed the code but made public her complaints about it. She was sacked days later for alleged poor performance.

“I can’t believe I worked for an employer with such archaic attitudes,” she complains to the paper, “and a scant disregard [sic] for women’s right.”

Unlike our tabloid press which celebrates St George’s Day (or Saint Gorgeous Day, as the Sun wittily calls it) with topless pictures of Zoe and Nikkala (whose breasts incidentally are so far apart you could drive a double decker bus through them).

By George, what a great lot we are!’

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