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Bye-Bye, Badger

by | 26th, April 2004

‘BUTCHERS are by no means the only species in Britain facing extinction.

‘Just because you bought me dinner, it doesn’t mean you can watch’

The Independent reports that several other animals are under threat – for instance, the red squirrel, the wildcat and – no doubt much to Ron Davis’s chagrin – the badger.

And, according to a countryside audit (entitled The State Of Britain’s Mammals 2004), the introduction of GM crops could threaten other species by reducing the number of insects around such crops with “potentially serious consequences” for hedgehogs, mice and bats.

The Guardian warns that the extinction of the red squirrel, one of the most fondly regarded of Britain’s small mammals, was certain unless drastic measures were taken.

A report by the Mammals Trust UK says large-scale control of the American grey squirrel and vaccination against disease is the only way to save the red squirrel.

And the UK red Squirrel Group says it is planning a shooting and poisoning blitz on greys near 20 designated red squirrel areas.

But you too can do your bit to help – send a frog to France, hug a butcher, throttle a grey squirrel or join the brave men and, er, other men who get up in the middle of the night to perform a census of the local badger population…’

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