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Seven Fours

by | 28th, April 2004

‘ADVERTS for gourmet dog food always bring a smile to the faces of pet owners who have seen their dogs eat an entire dead squirrel in one mouthful.

But Libby, a German Shepherd, didn’t even go for meat, preferring to ingest 28 gold balls.

Apparently, she’d been swallowing the balls while being walked near the putting greens at Didsbury Golf Club in Manchester.

Her owner, Mr Wardrop explains: ‘I was absolutely gobsmacked when the vets said they had found 28. To see all those golf balls at once was a staggering sight and they weighed over six pounds, so it was no wonder Libby wasn’t feeling well.

‘The vets gave every ball back to me. They were slightly discoloured but otherwise in great condition and will be great for practice.’

Vet John Ford said: ‘We didn’t even need to X-ray her – she was clanking and we could feel them in her stomach.”

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