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Sugar Daddy

by | 29th, April 2004

‘IS Channel 4 being run by Alan Sugar, the man who piled it high and sold it cheap?

It’s original – it was originally Queer Eye For A Straight Guy

If not, then the gruff former chairman of Spurs football club and owner of the Amstrad brand of cheap-and-cheerful electronic good should sue for credit.

After an afternoon of banging out repeats of imported American TV shows (Cheers, Will & Grace, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, ER and Friends), the channel brings us Sex On TV (a show looking at the relationship between TV and sex), Flashers Uncovered (aka Naked Men) and Fairy Godfathers.

This last show is new, although since its shamelessly based on America’s Queer Eye For A Straight Guy, it’s not all that new.

The format (and all new shows on C4 have one of those) sees two gay men try to revamp two unreconstructed married blokes. As one hetero says: “I’m not used to gay, or pooftas, or whatever being in the household”.

He’s used to what he most likely terms “the wife”, a woman who has left him and us at the mercy of Colin and Nick.’

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