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Progress In Lotion

by | 30th, April 2004

‘TRUCK drivers stumble across many things in the course of their working lives.

Truck drivers do it with hand cream

Many stumble upon groups of desperate Chinese immigrants among the palettes of pak choi.

Others stumble into Spanish jails when their load of novelty donkeys is found to contain bags of primo cocaine.

But trucker Brain Bennett has stumbled across something else entirely – the Sun says that the 64-year-old from Nuneaton has discovered a lotion that destroys the MRSA hospital superbug.

Besides being a self-confessed “Sun crossword nut”, Brian is no genius, just a simple man with a hobby of trying to make his wife the perfect hand cream.

It was during his experiments that he created the cure for his wife’s dermatitis and a way of protecting doctors from the bug.

It seems that once applied, Brian’s formula cannot be washed off, staying active for around four hours.

“I have no medical training,” says Brian, “I didn’t even pass biology at school. But I’ve always liked finding solutions to problems. It was just hit and miss, but after a couple of years, I found the perfect formula.”

And as any truck driver knows, the recipe for success is two parts bacon fat and one part tobacco stain to three parts sweet tea with, perhaps, a soupcon of amphetamine.’

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