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Forfeit For A King

by | 6th, May 2004

‘IF only all men were like Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands!

‘Good to see that Billy The Gravedigger and Four Fingers Freda could make it’

He performed what Hello! describes as ‘the ultimate romantic gesture’ in marrying Mabel Wisse Smit – he gave up his right to be king.

Forget flowers, a box of chocolates or even a moonlit stroll along a deserted beach.

This year’s romantic gesture says so much more…and we hope that many more people will follow Prince Johan’s lead.

To get the ball rolling, we at Anorak have decided today publicly to forfeit any right we have to the British throne (although for the time being we’re keeping our options open with regards to the Swedish one).

Cynics might say that, at 10,765,894th in line, our chances of acceding were on the thin side of slim, but it’s the thought that counts.

As it was indeed with Prince Johan, who is Queen Beatrix’s second son and was therefore not exactly a shoo-in as it was.

The reason why Prince Johan has been cast back into the pool of commoners, albeit with the title Prince Of Orange-Nassau, is that Mabel has something of a chequered past.

Hello! reports that the 35-year-old is rumoured to have had a relationship with underworld boss Klaas Bruinsma, who was murdered in a gangland killing.

Mabel denied the accusations, insisting that she barely knew him – until it emerged during the prenuptial vetting process that she had spend nights aboard his yacht.

But a small detail like that wasn’t going to put off the prince, who married her anyway.

‘Every day by her side brings a new surprise,’ he said.

Like waking up next to a horse’s head, for instance…’

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